Thursday, 23 August 2007

Friends and Visitors

I think I must be gradually growing more autistic as I age. (Actually, I did an online autism test the other day which put me smack in the middle of normal, so don't take this too seriously!) Jenny had a visiting Australian colleague come to her department on Tuesday, and in the evening we met up with his wife and the four of us had dinner in Browns in Cambridge.

Now I know John and Heather, having met them in Melbourne in April, and I like them, but found myself coming over all curmudgeonly that they were disrupting my evening. I didn't want to have dinner in Cambridge! Stamp! Whine! I wanted to stick to the usual routine, go home, have dinner and sit in front of a fire, maybe watching some of the 93 TV programmes I'd recorded while Jenny was in Sweden!

So of course we had a really nice dinner, then retired home where we drank far too much and had a generally really good time. Klein (promounced klain, btw, 'cos it's Afrikaans) Constantia Marlbrook, which is an excellent Bordeau blend, followed by some nice Australian red. All in all, an excellent evening. Wierd that I was so resentful at the start. Oh, I need hardly say, I'd got my best smile on by the time I got to Browns.

Then last night we went out with Lorna and Richard, spending the whole time catching up, since they've been away for a month, with only one night back, and that was weeks ago. Afterwards, instead of going home to bed the way they normally do, they came over to ours for more wine. Well, being teachers, they're on holiday, of course, so didn't have to get up at their usual sparrowfart.

It's really lovely to have them back, but unsurprisingly, this morning I wasn't exactly firing on all four cylinders. Rather too many bottles lined up on the kitchen worktop. Again.

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DJ Kirkby said...

OOohhh we know about this thats for sure! The Autistic spectrum is our family dictionary...sigh...Did you ever take the 'Geeks' quiz? A tongue in cheek quiz for the suspected Aspergers, i scored too high, Chopper scored normal but I still say that he lied!