Saturday, 11 August 2007


Well the cassoulet is assembled and just needs an hour and a half in the oven tomorrow to finish it off. There's easily enough for four, so I guess I'll freeze some of it. Sadly, if anything, it's a bit light on the beans, but that's just because I put in too much meat. Smells the biz, so I'm quite looking forward to tomorrow.

For tonight, I'm taking advantage of the fact that the weather is nice, and I'm going to have a barbecue. Barbecue for one. How sad is that? I have a huge piece of Aberdeen Angus rump steak which I'll cut a bit off and freeze the rest. And some Gloucester Old Spot pork sausages. Half a red pepper into which I'm going to put some chopped tomato, garlic, anchovy and olive oil. With a baked potato and something nice and red, I think that'll do me. Ah, now what in the nice and red line should I choose? Tricky. Think I'll take a glass of Argentinian chardonnay into the bath with me and think about that.

Edit: oh bugger, checking to make sure the links work, I find the Gloucester Old Spot is an endangered breed. And I'm eating one tonight!


ArcticFox said...

mmmmm endangered species sausages..... sacrilicious!!!


Enjoy your bangers and beans, I'd like chips with mine.



@themill said...

Yes but if you weren't eating it , it would be even more endangered, as no one would be breeding them at all if no one ate them....if you get my drift.

Rob Clack said...

So a curious mixture of delicious and disaster. I know sweet corn is a bit marginal in the UK, but this was really not very nice at all. Normally I expect to be able to eat it raw, though we prefer it cooked, but this one was sour and really not nice, despite the rubbed-in butter and garlic.

Then I overcooked the steak, which was simply my own stupidity. Fortunately, Aberdeen Angus is seriously tasty, however you cook it, so that was OK. And the GOS sausages were good, too.

The red pepper really does need 45 mins, believe me. It was hot and crunchy!

However, with all the neighbours away, I just took all my clothes off and barbied nekkid, which was a lot of fun. Stood far enough away from the fire not to need a pinnie, of course.

Now my brain is addled, I shall put on Aubrey Manning and probably fall asleep.

'night all!

dulwichmum said...

Oh darling Rob, my husband too is away on business, and the au pair in Wales with my children visiting the monster-in-law. No nudie bbq's in Dulwich I'm afraid, as I live in Southwark in the company of police helicopters!

Hey ho, you have given me a super idea!

Rob Clack said...

Not something cold and white, by any chance, DM? So helpful in passing the dull hours while the entertainment is away!

Southwark. A nice warm cathedral with friendly clergy, and, I seem to recall, quite a nice pub just around the corner on the river-front. We've sung eucharist and evensong there (cathedral, not pub!) 2 or 3 times and always enjoyed it.