Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Beer enzymes

But first a childish joke:
Daddy, what are those?
They're blackberries, son.
But Daddy, they're red.
Yes son, that's because they're green.

Sorry about that.

OK, enzymes. When I was in my twenties and thirties, I mostly drank beer, and very little wine. After giving up smoking in my mid-thirties, this gradually changed, until eventually the situation was completely reversed, and I drank mostly wine and no beer.

In the mid-90's I was working in Poole and one night, went to a pub with a few mates. There was live music, which wasn't really my thing, though the mates liked it. I had 3 pints of Tanglefoot, which was nice beer.

I wasn't particularly ratted, so was distressed the next day to have the most appalling hangover, which lasted all day! What was going on? Eventually I worked it out, and my doctor later confirmed it. (I have a brilliant doctor, whom I share with Jenny and Lorna. A complete gem!) Since I'd stopped drinking beer, my liver had stopped producing the enzymes necessary to break down the toxins in the beer. Then when I hit it with a modest quantity, it couldn't respond adequately, and I suffered the next day.

These days I make sure to drink beer on a regular basis. Well, that's my excuse!


Exmoorjane said...

Oh how intriguing. My husband mainly drinks beer (makes his living out of writing about it as it happens, blogs about it, dreams about it, drives me mad about it) and swears that he never gets a hangover with it - yet can't touch spirits and has to be careful with wine.
btw, found you via Milla, and have seen your name around purplecoo....in case you were wondering how I ended up here....

Motheratlarge said...

The hangover had to be worth it for the name alone - Tanglefoot, how lovely. It would have been rude to refuse.

Anna said...

I'm one of those lucky people who can drink anything and not get a hangover the next day...

I've been drunk to the point of unconsciousness and been fine in the morning. Guess my liver's just particularly efficient!

Rob Clack said...

Welcome ExmoorJane (sorry, is CamelCase legit in a blog?) Yes, I've more or less given up spirits, though we do keep a bottle of Talisker, which my wife drinks occasionally. Your house sounds fabulous!

MaL: I've come across lots of beers with bizarre names implying drunkenness, but of course, when I googled for some, I found very few.

Anna: I envy you! Our neighbours Lorna and Richard returned from holiday and we went out last night. Today my head hurts!

Elsie Button said...

is that seriously true? if so, i agree, you'd better keep yourself topped up with beer. just a sniff of anything alcoholic gives me a hangover these days.

Rob Clack said...

Actually I don't know, EB. I've just spent some time googling, but found nothing apart from lots of doomsayers telling me I'm drinking myself to death. It might just be an old wives' tale.

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh good excuse, I like!