Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Wireless rapture, or something, Oh yes, and That Cat!

For some time I've been looking for an excuse to buy an all in one printer, but until now I've felt it was just a way of disposing of unwanted surplus income. I had an old Sharp laser printer/copier that worked OK as a copier, and a slightly more recent colour bubblejet which was also not too bad. My old scanner didn't work with the new PC, so I'd given that away, but I rarely scan stuff anyway, so wasn't too bothered by its absence.

But then the Sharp died on me, and despite 2 attempts to repair it, it stayed dead. Around the same time, Jenny started talking about needing to print stuff from her new Mac laptop. She's been asked to do a second edition of her book (Gaining Ground, Indiana University Press - it's about the evolution of land vertebrates from fish) and she likes to sit downstairs while she's working on it.

Since the Mac has an airport card, I figured I could plug a wireless base station into my ethernet hub upstairs, and if I got a networked printer, she wouldn't need my PC to be switched on when she wanted to print anything.

Which? magazine said the Canon MP600R was the printer I wanted, and that arrived today, so I borrowed a wireless base station from work and plugged it all in.

Rather to my amazement, after fairly minimal fettling, the whole shebang works! I can print from my PC and she can do email, internet and printing from downstairs. Two unexpected bonuses were that the printer itself is wireless and that it does double-sided printing, neither of which I'd noticed in any of the reviews. Super whizzo!

So the colour printer can go on Royston Recycle and I can clear away some of the spaghetti that has taken up long-term residence under the desk.

And on a second topic, That Cat (as in "Here comes That Cat again") has started bringing in mice and then occasionally losing them. Being nocturnal, it does this in the dark, of course, so this morning at around 4 it came upstairs meowing. We always know when it has a victim, because it's otherwise largely silent, and only meows with its mouth full.

Then it let the unfortunate victim go in the bedroom and proceeded to chase it around until we were thoroughly awake, at which point it treated us to the faint crunching of small bones, leaving a gory mess to be trodden on by bare feet on the way to the loo. Well OK, I managed to avoid that last.

This evening it played with another mouse in the hall, but failed to keep it under control and lost interest when the mouse escaped under the settee and unsportingly refused to come out. TC last seen heading for the waste ground next door, presumably in search of another toy to play with. Thanks, cat. Now I have to get a mousetrap.


orchidea said...

Ah... the gentle art and noble pastime of cat-blogging!

Ours bring mice and birds. The mice squeak, the birds are silent. The mice sometimes escape, the birds do not. Both leave a gory mess; the birds seem intent on shedding feathers over a wide area in the process.

I'm not sure which I prefer. ;)

The boy-cat likes to munch on crunchy May bugs (he's not nimble or bright enough to score mice and birds). Thank god it's August.

Rob Clack said...

Fortunately That Cat hasn't brought in too many birds, though she's obviously getting better at mice, so I imagine it's only a matter of time.

On the positive side, she also catches and eats spiders, flies, moths, etc.

And something she can't resist is floating goldfish food. I throw it at the goldfish in the pond and she licks it off the surface!

jackofall said...

We've got a cat with kittens at the moment (don't fancy another, do you?), she likes to bring in mice and shrews to teach them basic hunting skills, so we, too, know all about meowing with the mouth full: "Kids! Playtime again! Come and get it!"

Great blog, btw.

Rob Clack said...

Thanks for the compliments!

Actually we'd love more than one cat, but That Cat is a serious bully, despite being rather petite.

Jenny would have at least 3, though I'm happy with one each. The difficulty is getting the current incumbent to accept the concept of sharing.

We originally had 2 cats from the local Wood Green, but after 18 months had to admit defeat with one of them.

Next time we'll get at least a pair of siblings, or more, provided they're all already snogging together.

Djamine said...

Both of my cats are indoor pets, but they were lucky enough to encounter 3 baby mice in our basement last year. Naturally they brought all three upstairs, leaving them outside of our bedroom door as a "gift".

We've since moved to a new apartment (sans mice), but one of our cats still brings us presents of stuffed animals and socks. Like your cat, he's silent--until he has his perceived prey in his mouth.

Is The Cat female? I've never had luck introducing new cats to a female cat, but I've always been able to socialize a group of male cats. My males always seemed more willing to adopt a pack mentality.

Rob Clack said...

That Cat is indeed female. We have considered getting more, and would consult Cat Confidential by Vicky Halls (ISBN 0-553-81644-6) before doing so. However, at present it seems as though it would be simply too much like hard work.