Tuesday, 10 July 2007

On my own for a bit

This morning Jenny flies to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she will look at some recently discovered fossil material and hopefully come up with enough for a PhD project. One of her 2 current students has just submitted her thesis, and the other is just about to, so something for a new student to work on would be good.

She flies out of Heathrow in the late morning. I've never liked Heathrow, but with the current security arrangements, it's just the pits. I don't envy her that bit at all, though I'd have liked to go to Canada with her.

Still, I don't expect to have too bad a time while she's away. We usually eat out with friends on Wednesdays, so I'll be doing that, and at the weekend I'm visiting my mum for a night.

And something I've started doing relatively recently when she's away is to plan and cook myself something really nice. I like choosing a recipe, shopping for the ingredients and then cooking it as well as I can. Quite the opposite of a microwave meal. Choose a bottle of something decent to go with it, set the table properly and then take the time to savour food and wine. If I organise it properly I can load the dishwasher while I'm cooking, so afterwards it's just stick in the last few bits, start the wash cycle, light a fire and cosy up in the settee. I might watch a DVD or just put on some music and read. Pretty self-indulgent, but hey!


rilly super said...

how long is she away rob, I think I might come round!

Rob Clack said...

Only a week, Rilly, but you do tempt me! I much prefer cooking for other people than just myself, obviously. Sadly, you're Oop North! And I was just thinking of ordering some ox-tail to casserole slowly on Sunday!