Sunday, 15 July 2007

My mum

Saturday morning I drove to Bristol to visit my mum whom I've not seen since just after Christmas. A couple of months ago, while on holiday in Scotland with her brother, she was involved in a nasty car crash which left her with a broken sternum. At 85, it's hardly surprising she's been feeling really knocked about, and it's taken a long time for her to start to live normally again. I'd have gone sooner, but things have been pretty hectic here, and I do know that my younger brother has visited, as has one of my older brother's step-sons and my cousin Pat.

I had to collect my motorcycling jacket from the shop in Stevenage, where it had been altered, so went by car instead of on the bike. Rather wished I'd thought harder about how to accommodate 2 jackets on the bike, as the M25 was ghastly, and then, having crept around to the M4 there was solid traffic jam all the way to the Windsor exit, which was clearly the cause of the jam. No idea what was happening in Windsor that half the world wanted to visit. Anyhow, the rest of the trip was fine.

Before dinner she showed me a DVD Pat had lent her, about the situation in Somalia, but although it was really interesting, I wondered how relevant it was, since much was about the elections in 2005, which has presumably all been dismantled by the restraint and quiet diplomacy of our special friend over the pond. I think he didn't like the result of the fair and democratic elections, so bombed the hell out of the place.

Over and after dinner we nattered about many things, but a lot about her parents and how they met. (Summary: he was in Europe as part of South African forces during WWI and they met while he was on leave. After the war, she got on a boat to Cape Town where they met up and married. They stayed together until she died in about 1985.) It's a really romantic story and I'm planning to write something about it offline.

This morning I left rather earlier than I'd planned. It was raining heavily and I knew I had several things to do this afternoon, including making sure I was ready to feed Lorna and Richard this evening. That meant being home by 3 in case I had to do any last-minute shopping. The rain meant I would want to drive more slowly, which required an earlier departure. Of course, within about 25 miles, the rain had cleared and I drove the rest of the way on dry roads. Home in 2 hours. Not bad for 140 miles.

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