Monday, 9 July 2007

Losing my virginity

Did that get your attention?

Actually, it was my eBay virginity that I lost last week. Yayyyyy! The saga is that for years I used a Psion organiser, and loved it, and came to really depend on it, but then a couple of years ago I dropped it, and it died.

Not long before, I'd seen a friend's iPAQ thing and been impressed by the handwriting recognition, so when one came up secondhand at work, I bought it. It was USELESS! First, it's really tedious entering text one letter at a time through the HR interface. Yes it's impressive, yes it's accurate, yes it's mindnumbingly SLOW! And then the alarm on the calendar is a waste of time. One little ping-pong and if you happen not to be at your desk, that's tough, you missed it.

But the final straw was when I went to Australia at Easter. I forgot to take the charger, so naturally the battery went flat and it forgot everything it'd ever been told. "No problem" I thought "when I get home I'll restore from the backup I took rather too long ago." "Oh no you f*cking won't." says Windoze. "This backup was taken using different hardware" or some such. Which it wasn't, of course. Screaming at it and banging the desk, astonishingly, did not persuade it to do my bidding.

So last week I plucked up my courage and bid for a Psion on eBay, and to my great delight, won. Much easier than I'd feared, of course. Then I had to spend nearly as much on a cable to connect it to my PC, but finally, this weekend, I restored some stuff from the old Psion onto the new. I have my (now rather out of date!) address book back! Ahhhhhh, I can relax!

And the iPAQ rubbish will be given away for nothing (which is precisely what it's worth!) on Freecycle.

Later: edited this to correct some rather poor English and tidy up some punctuation.

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mutterings and meanderings said...

Yep, much too easy, and much too addictive!