Thursday, 19 July 2007

Harry Potter

Last night we saw the Harry Potter movie in Letchworth with Lorna and Richard. It started late enough that we could have an Indian beforehand, so we went to the Sagar Tandoori first, where we enjoyed the food and got turned around in plenty of time for the cinema. The house dry white was very disappointing. Poor value even had it been free, which of course, it wasn't.

Usually when we go to the cinema, we wait until the last week the movie is on, and the Letchworth cinema is generally empty mid-week, but I think we were a week ahead of ourselves, so the place was much fuller than usual. We'd bought our tickets before dinner, but then had to sit almost at the front to find 4 seats together.

And of course, the sound was too loud. Why do all cinemas have the volume cranked right up these days? Everyone we've spoken to agrees it's too loud. Small mercies, the aircon wasn't blasting freezing air at us as well.

The movie was good, and we all enjoyed it. Jenny thought it was the best yet, though I didn't entirely agree. Partly it's that the movies are too far behind the books, so I've forgotten quite a lot, partly because as the books have got thicker, the scriptwriters have had to omit more. Better characterisation than previously and some good special effects, but I didn't notice anything particularly novel. Imelda Staunton was brilliant as Dolores Umbridge - deliciously malevolent! Lorna and Richard, being teachers, saw an Ofsted connection, of course.

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