Sunday, 1 July 2007

Fun up the smoke

We'd arranged to go up to London to meet Steve, a former boss of mine from way back, and visit the Goldsmiths' Hall near St Paul's Cathedral, to see an exhibition that was on there. Steve met us at Kings Cross train station and we caught a bus from there to St Paul's. This was novel, since we normally travel by underground in London, but the advantage of a bus is that you see all sorts of other stuff as you go. Using the tube means you just get to see isolated spots of the city with no real idea how they relate to each other. The bus helps you join up the dots. Good shout.

The exhibition was small but included some brilliant stuff, all in gold and silver, much set with precious stones. Very inspirational, but didn't take as long as we'd imagined to see it all. As usual, I didn't like everything on show, but really liked some.

Bus back up to Islington and we walked along Camden Passage peering into jewellery and antique stores, slowly making our way to the Duke of Cambridge pub, where we were to have dinner. On the way we passed the war memorial in Islington Green, where there's a huge, granite Moebius strip standing up on edge. Impressive piece of carving, and a nice memorial.

At the pub we had a relaxing drink, waiting for the restaurant to open, then moved in there for a very pleasant dinner. The Duke of Cambridge was the first organic pub in the world and I like their overall attitude - locally sourced food and drink wherever possible, organic, top quality, well prepared. Dinner was good! They obviously think about what they're doing, because on their website they say that they used to source all their wine from Europe, to save food miles, but then discovered that European wines are all shipped by road, while New World wines come by ship, so are possibly less damaging to the environment than European ones!

Overall, a great afternoon and evening!


Sparx said...

I see from your header that you have the 'strike' thing sorted out! I know that area of Islington well, a great place to potter about. Glad you enjoyed yr visit to the smoke!

Rob Clack said...

Wasn't hard to sort out 'strike' of course, just a teeny bit of internet research.
It's good to have a local contact in Islington. Steve's lived there for ages, so has his finger on the pulse.

rilly super said...

Ahhh, Islington....sob,

thanks ever so for the link by the way rob