Tuesday, 3 July 2007


After reading some of the horrors that Wife in the North has endured, I begin to wonder whether a little anonymity might not be a good thing. I figure I can start a new blog, point the few people who actually read my ramblings at it, then delete the old one a couple of weeks hence.

Or am I being paranoid? What do you think?

Ah, except the blog points to the website and the website to the blog, so I wouldn't stay anonymous for long.

Maybe I'll just change the name. That won't break any links, will it?


Lindystar said...

I'm not sure who that Wife in the North is or what happened to her.

You don't seem like the type to write crap about people or things that would get you in trouble so I wouldn't worry about it. Unless you plan to start :)

Or are you afraid of weirdo stalker people?

I can't talk much on that one since I have my pic up and have probobly given away where I live. Maybe I'm a dummy but I'm just not worried about it. If you you Title it won't affect anything but if you change your web address name it will. Was that even what you were asking??

Rob Clack said...

Thank you Lindystar. Wife in the North's child was bullied at school and she (mother, not child) blogged the experience and was given a hard time by other parents and possibly staff at the school, which sounded pretty nasty to me. Still no idea where it is, other than the north of England.

I think you're probably right. I don't plan to write anything controversial, so will no doubt be fine. Just paranoid, as usual.

Lindystar said...

Nothing wrong with a little heathy paranoia, never know it might save your life one day.

Arthur said...

aye but there's the rub rob, Just as when someone appears on TV with a pixellated face their friends and family can easily recognise them, it's easy for people in the north east to recognise where wife in the north is, and her comments are not about some unknown bit of distant countryside but about people and places that they know and love, their own home area. There are some to whom wife in the north's view on the NE, announced to a clamouring audience of americans and londoners, has all the attributes of some poor kid getting a good beating on a school playground whilst the rest of the gang stands round and cheers. Well, that's what I've heard anyway. As for me, I couldn't possibly comment

Rob Clack said...

I think also that I tend to blather on rather carelessly, so those who know me would quickly cotton on. I suppose the sensible thing is to make sure I'm sober when I post and to read everything several times before pressing the Publish button.

Rob Clack said...

Maybe I missed the point. Are you saying she shouldn't have posted what she did (or at least should have expected trouble) or just that it's harder to remain anonymous than one might think?