Tuesday, 10 July 2007


I notice that a few blogs carry ads, but most seem not to. Today I followed a link (subsequently lost, of course!) which
claimed to value my blog at over $500, which I have to admit, is tempting. Are they frowned on or is there some etiquette involved that I'm not aware of? How do you get the ads and how do you stop them cluttering up your blog with junk. And do you really get more than pin money from them?

Anybody know?


rilly super said...

I don't know if you can make much money from these, but I always think it must be interesting to see which 'related' ads pop up with each post. I don't think that google approves of lots of swearing either so you'd have to watch that language of your's Rob!

Jane said...

Very timely question, Rob. There's a piece about exactly this topic in this morning's Times:


Rob Clack said...

JS: thank you. Interesting article. I'm quite tempted even though I can't see it generating more than 3.5p. Not after getting rich, nor having to work at it.

RS: I did add some strike tags around the bad words, but then thought "No, I'm not going to censor myself; the hell with that!" so took them out again. Actually, though I do swear a lot in real life, on the page I don't generally feel much need. It's mostly just Tesco and Windoze that get me fired up!