Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital

I've been giving a small amount to this charity for quite a while now. In case you don't know, if a woman goes into labour and the baby won't come out (breech, eg), without medical intervention, the strain of pushing can rupture her womb, vagina, rectum, bladder. Young girls giving birth in remote African villages are pretty vulnerable. Usually the child dies, often the mother does too.

Update: I have heard it said that female circumcision can increase the likelihood of these complications. The UK gummint, for once doing something I approve of, is making moves to at least stop English girls being mutilated in this barbaric fashion.

Those women who survive this horrific experience usually leak urine and/or faeces permanently. If the tissue between your bladder and vagina is torn, there is no valve to control the flow of your urine, so you slowly pee, all the time. Down your legs. Is that enough detail? They are usually rejected by their husbands and families because they stink.

When they hear about this hospital, they may walk hundreds of miles for treatment. Although I don't hold with the Christian emphasis that pervades the hospital, I think what they're doing is magnificent. They train nurses and surgeons in the treatment and are involved in setting up other fistula centres around the world.

I urge you to visit their website, read about what they're doing and make a donation.

The UK charity that supports them is the Hamlin Churchill Childbirth Injuries Fund. Although I can't find a website for the charity, I did come across this which is as good a testimonial as I can imagine.


Lindystar said...

My Goodness I never would have thought.

Rob Clack said...

Sorry, that was a bit dark. The blog is supposed to be fun, but the hospital's quarterly newsletter arrived yesterday, and reminded me how lucky I am to live the life I do.

Lindystar said...

No!! No don't get me wrong. It's a GOOD thing to inform people of the things in the world that they could have a helping hand in making a little bit better.

And always remember darling, this is YOUR blog, YOUR space, you can write what ever you damn well feel like. Don't forget it and don't apologize.

And yeah, it made me feel pretty damn lucky too. I was born coming out ass first whit my legs behind my head and thankfully we live in a place where they could cut me OUT and not have to kill my mom, or heaven forbid have THAT happen to her. So thank-you for the eye opener.

Lindystar said...

I saw that you were looking how to learn how to do the strike through HTML stuff on your blog. I don't think we can do strike-through in comments but we can do bold
italics and website highlights.

Here's a simple link that tells some basics. Have fun!

Lindystar said...
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Lindystar said...

SHIT!! I typed it wrong, I hope it shows up right this time.

My bad

Rob Clack said...

Thanks Lindystar, I'll play later. I'm getting told that with the sun shining for the first time in weeks we should be out there in the garden, not sitting here in front of a puter. And she's right, of course!