Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Wasting time not adding links

Well I thought it would be a good thing to add links to some really interesting blogs I've been reading over the past few days, but could I make it work? Could I hell! Read the Help section, tried to follow the instructions, and all I did was break my site meter. Given I know a tiny bit of HTML I'd expected it to be pretty simple, but I suspect it's me that's simple. At least the edit page suggested I save a copy first, so I was able to set it all back to where it had been before!

Read about a lady in the US who felt really bad when she killed a squirrel with her car. Thought "What's so upsetting about that?" Then remembered that when I killed my squirrels it was carefully planned, designed to cause minimal suffering and I still had (have!) to steel myself to do it. It'll be easier next time, now I know how good they taste! Sorry, is that gross?

Choir practice was a pain last night, well at least some of the time. Dick kept shushing us like naughty school children because people chatter, (we are a little short of time, given there's only 2 rehearsals to the Anstey concert), but then wasted quite a bit of time just playing through the piano part of some stuff we're doing, chatting idly to Robin, riffling through piles of music wondering what to rehearse next, etc. etc. If he was remotely organised, his impatience might be excusable, but he's not. It's always a shambles, and we mostly get away with it, somehow. Never knowingly over-rehearsed is the joke, only it's not really a joke at all. Grrr!

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Rob Clack said...

OK, found out how to add links. Much simpler than I'd thought and didn't need any HTML at all. No need to dive into the code, just read the words on the screen! Nothing new there then!