Tuesday, 26 June 2007


Today I finished the second head carved from a pebble picked up on the beach in Spain. The rocks along that bit of the Spanish coast were subjected to enormous pressures and temperatures when the African plate collided with the European one, and the result is some interesting looking rocks. This one had hundreds of little fractures and crevices running through it, all of which have been filled with contrasting-coloured matrix. It's rather paler than the photos suggest, so I might varnish it to bring out the colours better.

I used the pattern of the cracks and infills as the basis for the design, so you could say that the pebble told me how to carve it.

A tokoloshe is traditionally a southern African water spirit, though in recent times it is increasingly seen as a domestic spirit. It is generally friendly towards children and is noted for its ability to become invisible by holding a pebble in its mouth. Commonly taking the form of a dwarf or child, it is mischievous, rather than malevolent, unless owned by an evil sorcerer.

It is sensitive to the emotions and tensions ebbing and flowing within the household and this should be borne in mind, since your mood might influence it as much as its might affect you. It is as a child that I have represented my Tokoloshe.


Lindystar said...

"...generally friendly twords children..."
And it looks like a t.v. alien. That scares the shit out of me.

BUT! You actually made it and that is way bad ass. Plus the fact that it looks well done and not like just some dude hacking at rock, so yeah now you're really bad ass.

I noticed from site meter that you linked me so I came to see who you are. I like this little place you've made for yourself. It's got pretty pictures, humor and insightful writing. Glad to meet you, have a good one.

Rob Clack said...

Heyyyyy! Somebody visited my blog! And you say such nice things, too! Welcome, Lindystar!

Actually I think you're right, it does look like an alien. The next one is more geometric, but I'm having difficulty thinking up a name for it. I'll post a pic when it's done.

Lindystar said...

Cool, I'm glad you're not pissed about the alien thing.

I can't wait to see the next one. What kind of tool do you use?

(I'm a dork and like to carve goofy shit out of wood with a dremel tool)

Rob Clack said...

I use an electric engraving tool a bit like this one. This is not the actual model I use, but I can't find the right website and I'm just off out for dinner!

I love carving wood to, though I haven't tried using my Dremel for it. I have some decent chisels and really love just chipping away. If you can be bothered to visit my art webpage there are pics of a couple of wooden pieces I made.

Lindystar said...

Oh well holy cow you really ARE talented.
Oh man what INTERESTING pieces! (not interesting in an ok you're a weirdo way, but a for real good way)

I am in love with your young venus, what a cool idea. And really how beautiful.

And your "Woman Car Woman?" I stared at it for like 2 minutes. I might put it on my comp. desktop, how freakin cool.

And the dinosaur head has the coolest angles on the holes, plus it looks so smooth and pretty it makes me want to just touch it.

Sorry, I don't have proper descriptions and intelligent praise but I really do like your work.

Rob Clack said...

Why thank you ma'm! I make the stuff for myself, but I just love it when other people say they like it! I guess that's no surprise. Everyone must like being told they do cool stuff. Thanks, Lindystar. Made my day.

The Secretary said...

I love the idea that it's a water spirit as that seems somehow appropriate as its tear drop shaped. Nice work!