Monday, 11 June 2007

Singing and eating!

On Saturday we sang choral evensong in Peterborough Cathedral, after which Jenny and I hosted a choir barbecue back home in Royston. The evensong went well and I thought we acquitted ourselves adequately. Smith 5-part responses and the Purcell Mag & Nunc and Oh God Thou art my God are among my favourites, so I was happy.

The barbie was less satisfactory, as lots of people couldn't come. Most had actually warned us in advance, but even so it was disappointing to have only a dozen or so there. However, the rain forecast by the Met Office didn't materialise, and in fact it was a lovely evening, which compensated somewhat. After the food was done we sat around the chiminier (sp?) late into the night, so didn't feel like moving too early in the morning!

Spent most of Sunday clearing up, then Jane took us over to Chrishall where we quickly ran through the same music as Saturday, then sat about eating cakes and drinking tea. The church had a bunch of visitors from a church in Austin, Texas, so had laid on a really impressive tea for everyone. Evensong was after that, and we had a much bigger congregation than in Peterborough Cathedral! What's more, the accoustic was just lovely, so I think we'll be going back to Chrishall on a regular basis.

Jen had put a Delia Chicken Basque on the timer in the oven and we'd invited Jane to eat with us. It all worked really well, particularly when Lorna and Richard came over to help finish off the left-over pavlova from Saturday's barbie. Followed by more nattering around the chiminier, of course!

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