Wednesday, 13 June 2007

A palpable hit!

Hah! Years ago, Jenny and I watched and loved the BBC Earth Story documentary, and taped it. Sadly, some years later, I managed to record over the first few programmes. Sheer stupidity, of course. And the beeb didn't have it available in any kind of recorded medium, nor did they plan to. Terrific.

So the other day I was looking for the Attenborough Life of Mammals, which Jenny had said she wanted (must be the only Attenborough we don't already have!) and lo and behold, Auntie now also sells the Aubrey Manning! So of course, I buy both, and they arrived today.

I was planning to hide them away until J's birthday in Nov, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it! Nope! Just too excited. I hid both, but planned to show Earth Series tonight, then admit I'd also bought Life of Mammals. However, we also needed to water a large number of potted plants in the garden, and it was while I was doing that, that I smelt the honeysuckle. Well, a decent honeysuckle on a June evening is a serious competitor for anything you're planning. Mostly, it requires a bottle and some comfy chairs.

We were torn. What could we do? Earth Series cried out to us, but the honeysuckle...well...suckled at us. Eventually, after a lot of dithering, head won out over heart and we watched Earth Series. I know, I know, where's my romance? You have to remember where we are coming from. Science is really fundamental to the way we approach the world, and the fact is, we find Hutton's Unconformity just as riveting as Turner's Fighting Temeraire (go figure).

And I don't regret it (though I undoubtedly will tomorrow!). Superb programme. Nice one Aubrey!

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