Sunday, 17 June 2007


When we were in Spain the other week, I picked up several pebbles off the beach, before choosing one to carve into a head and cast back into the sea. The remaining ones I kept and brought back to England, because the grain of an idea was starting to take shape in my head, and now it's coming to fruition. Actually, I'm not sure it wasn't Jenny's idea.

Today I finished my first 'Pebblehead', and here he is.

I called him Mbebe-go - e as in beck; o as in god. He has a D-ring glued to the back which hangs from a small hook screwed into the wooden stand, but if you wanted to hang him on a wall, the D-ring would go over a picture hook OK, I think. Might not hang straight. He's about 5 inches / 13 cm high, and you could have him for £45 (GBP), $80 (USD), plus postage. I have to resurrect my PayPal account, which I've not been near for years. I have two more part-finished heads, and I'll post photos of them in due course. Heres' what I've written about Mbebe-go:


In all the swirl and clash of modern living, Mbebe-go provides a calming influence, a centre of quiet serenity, radiating out into your home. A meditative, contemplative character in a brash world.

This influence is a two-way exchange, however, and aspects of the household are equally likely to affect Mbebe-go in unpredictable ways.


Elsie Button said...

hi there, the pebble head looks great! wanted to thank you for testing out the effects of eating rose petals, and am glad you didn't come to any harm! betty didn't either - in fact she pooed!

Rob Clack said...

Glad you like the head! No problem testing out novel foods, and pleased to hear Betty finally pooed! A week is a long time!