Thursday, 21 June 2007

Just whining, really

From Sunday until yesterday we had a work colleague of Jenny's staying with us, over to be external examiner in Jen's MPhil student's viva. I'd forgotten what a skinflint he is. Apparently as a student, he was known for holding back when it was time to buy a round. Well for 3 nights, he stayed with us, ate our food and drank our wine and offered nothing in return. Now had he been doing this as a favour, that might have been OK, but no, he was being paid for it, including flights, etc. Well I think next time Jenny stays with them, she might just 'forget' to take them out for dinner as she has in the past.

Edit: Maybe I should clarify. In the circles we move in, if you go to friends for dinner, you always take a bottle of wine and/or a bunch of flowers and/or some chocolates. Just a token 'thank you'. If you stay with them for a few days, you'd expect to take them out to dinner. Nothing spectacular or particularly expensive, just dinner in a local restaurant, kind of thing.

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