Wednesday, 16 May 2007

A first, tentative toe

What is 'to blog'? Surely it's just the height of vanity to imagine that your daily drivelings might be of any interest to the World at large? Probably, but then I did read something just now which persuaded me to do it anyway. I need to be able to communicate, in order to do my job well, and writing is communicating, so a blog is just a way of improving one of my work-related skills. And if it's not actually publicised, then no-one else gets to see it anyway. I just practise writing. Yeah, I know, cuts no ice. I still just have an over-inflated sense of how interesting I am.

And then again, once I understand how to drive a blog, presumably next time I'm on holiday I can upload photos to it and bore all my friends with what a wonderful time I'm having while they're at work.

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